AutoResponse Plus, How To Set Your New Subscribers To A WordPress Blog

Specifying settings on your autoresponder can be confusing if you aren’t sure where to look in your autoresponder program. I am going to talk about how you can tinker with the success confirmation page location in autoresponse plus. This is the page the new subscriber will see right after they have signed up on your list. Now on to the question.

Question: Can you point me in the right direction please. I am not sure where to find any documentation on this. I just uploaded a new squeeze page along with a new autoresponder. I am using autoresponse Plus for my autoresponder. I am able to get the information from the squeeze page opt-ins and instantly send them a thank you message.

However, what I would like to happen is that as soon as they click the submit button, not only do they get a thank you email, but I would like to instantly drive them to a wordpress blog. How can I accomplish this?

Answer: It is easier than you think as long as you know where to look in your autoresponse Plus Autoresponder program. There are two ways to accomplish this task in AutoResponse Plus. First, log into your Autoresponder and you will have two choices. One choice is to drive people to the default location. The other choice is to send them to another location.

Let’s focus on the another location option because you want to send people to a wordpress blog. You can do this through tracking tags. To set up tracking tags, the first step is to login to your account. Then in the blue area, click on the option called tracking tags.

It will ask you to name the tracking tags and your success destination URL. You want to put your destination link in the section for the success destination URL. Then you want to take this tracking code and put it in your squeeze page. If you are using Fat Jack hosting you can find a video tutorial to help you with this at fatjackhosting.

Now let’s look at the second method which is through the default location or default success URL. It is critical to note that this is global setting. So when anybody opts in on your squeeze page they will go automatically go to this default success URL you have specified. You can set up this global feature by going to system, settings, and then scrolling through there until you find custom success URL. This is where you put in your domain name.

Should you send the new subscriber to your default success URL, aka your domain, or your wordpress blog? It doesn’t matter what location you send them to. It is up to you and how you want to structure your website. If you feel that your blog is strong and you can monetize it effectively then choose that location.

The good news is that if you want people to opt-in, and you are using AutoResponse Plus as the email autoresponder, then you have both of these options at your disposal.

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How to Make a PREMIUM Website with WordPress - Complete Tutorial (My Affiliate Link to Purchase the Divi theme)

In this comprehensive tutorial, I show you how to create a state-of-the art website with WordPress. WordPress is a content management system used by many prominent brands and blogs. I also use the Premium Divi theme from Elegant Themes to create the website used in this tutorial and I think you’ll find the Divi theme just as amazing as I do. You’ll have the ability to add all types of content and customize virtually every component of your WordPress website.

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CSS Code used in the video:
min-height: 720px;
text-shadow: 1px 1px #000000;
min-height: 240px;
#footer-info {display: none;}

Video Table of Contents (Click on the time codes to be taken to that part in the video)

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:08 Tutorial Overview – (Website Walkthrough)
0:04:04 Setting up a domain name and hosting account
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-Coupon Codes:
wpsculptor1cent (Get your first month of hosting for 1 cent.)
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0:11:19 Installing WordPress onto your hosting account
0:15:20 Logging in to the backend of your WordPress website
0:16:13 WordPress Basics (Deactivate coming soon page, change password, using the admin bar)
0:19:27 Installing the Divi theme
-Please Purchase the Divi theme through my Affiliate Link:

0:25:23 Accessing additional Divi video tutorials
0:26:08 Creating Pages
0:28:41 Choosing which page you want to be your home page
0:30:10 Setting up the Main Navigation Menu
0:34:46 Setting up a Top Bar Navigation Menu (above the header)
0:35:36 Choosing a Professional Color Scheme
0:41:19 Applying your Custom Color Scheme to your website
0:44:15 Changing the Site Title and Tagline
0:45:24 Setting up an Optional Boxed Layout
0:47:11 Setting up the Header
1:02:52 Creating a Custom Logo (If you already have a logo, feel free to skip ahead to the next step)
1:11:07 Adding your Logo to your website
1:12:06 Creating a “Favicon” (This is the tiny icon that shows up for different websites on browser tabs)
1:15:39 Adding Content to the About Us Page
1:20:46 How to get Free High Quality Stock Photos
1:29:44 Changing your website Font settings and choosing a Custom Font
1:32:21 Customizing the About Page page title
1:34:04 Setting up the Media Page
*Tip: To add, remove, or rearrange images in your gallery, just click on the gallery module settings button and click on “Update Gallery”

1:39:45 How to Rearrange your Modules
1:40:18 Setting up the Frequently Asked Questions Page
1:44:12 Setting up the Contact Us Page
1:50:38 Setting up the Our Packages Page
2:11:29 Setting up the Schedule a Free Lesson Page
2:17:21 Setting up the Home Page (The Nitty-Gritty)
2:17:56 Setting up the Top Section
CSS Code used: min-height: 720px;

2:36:06 Adding a Video Background to the Top Section
2:44:42 Adding a Text Shadow to the Slogan to make it stand out more
CSS Code used: text-shadow: 1px 1px #000000;

2:46:33 Creating a New Section with Custom Blurb Modules
2:54:21 Creating a New Section with a Custom Background Color and a Call to Action
2:58:00 How to Rearrange different Sections
2:59:04 Adding a New Section with multiple Modules
3:12:09 Using Section Background Images with the Parallax Effect
3:16:35 Setting up the Testimonial section
3:30:23 Making your Testimonial Modules the same height
CSS Code used: min-height: 240px;

3:32:20 How to Save Custom Layouts and Apply them to Other Pages
3:38:24 How to Update the Divi Theme to the Latest Version
3:41:04 Setting Up the Footer Area
3:47:13 Removing the Divi and WordPress Attributions in the Footer –
CSS Code used: #footer-info {display: none;}

3:48:39 Setting up the Optional Social Media Links in the Footer and Customizing the Bottom Bar
3:51:09 How to Make Site Headings Bold
3:52:10 Text Title Adjustment for a Mobile Friendly Site
3:54:29 How You Can Show Your Support
Video Rating: / 5

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Creating Joomla Membership Website

In case you want to create a membership site, you can use the freely available Joomla 1.5 along with its plug-ins and elements.

If you are a webmaster who has experienced limited bucks on your pocket, you can choose Joomla which proves to its users that it is an ideal, perfect and free tool to use online.An estimated 5,000,000 Joomla websites became the concrete evidence and testimony that Joomla is becoming the first or second choice of users every time they need to create their own website. Joomla is easy to use and to set up in which even if you not knowledgeable on computer programming, you can use this CMS with ease and convenience.

If you want to know why Joomla is considered as a powerful and well-supported CMS script, you can search through the Internet and you will be directed to the 5,150,00 users and websites. This fact is a manifestation that many individuals are now using Joomla when creating their personal or business sites.

Aside from being a free open source content management System (CMS), Joomla offers numerous elements you can use for free like website extensions, modules and plug-ins which are similar to other CMS like WordPress. If you know WordPress, there is no reason for you to learn Joomla.

With a combination of extensions, you can create Joomla membership sites free of charge. A little of your patience and creativity is needed.

The extensions and configurations you do to make membership site really matter in order to function with payment processing. By doing this, you are can make Joomla a powerful and functional electronic commerce membership website.

To begin creating your brand new membership site, you need to install the 1.5 version of Joomla. In case your web site host features cpanel, you can make a simple clicking of the smiley logo under the options with label software or services.

The 1.5 version of Joomla will appear on the left part of the Content Management. You can click the link and then follow the instructions on how to install it.

The next thing you do is to download the Account Expiration Control as well as the Plug-in and Component/Modules. After they were downloaded, unzipped the file and the elements and components you need to create a Joomla membership website will be provided.

Install the account expiration control or A.E.C., then hover you mouse to the Joomla admin and enable legacy. This plugin is located in the Extensions or Plugin Manager. You can do the installation of AEC Component by going to *Extension Install or Uninstall.*

In arranged order, please install the plugins such as AEC Use, AEC Error, AEC Access, and AEC Routing. Head over to the Plugin Manager and make sure that the plugins are below the Legacy plug-in by using the arrow down button. After that, click enable plug-ins. Go to options *Components, AEC Central, AEC Subscription Mgr, then under Settings and Hacks click Hacks and Commit Hacks, which can be found at the lower right of the monitor. After that, click this option *Extensions/Install* and select Install and download it.

Now refresh the page and see if everything works fine. If all is ok, your brand new Joomla membership is now successfully created.

Wesley Epperson enjoys writing for which offers joomla tutorial and joomla training video as well as a host of additional products.

WordPress Tutorial for the Blogger

WordPress is definitely a trusted platform for many bloggers not only because it is really a free and open source blogging tool but you don’t have to be tech savvy to install wordpress on your website. Bloggers who want to set up wordpress on their sites, can definitely search for the wordpress tutorials on the internet and with easy instructions, wordpress could be installed in just a few minutes with a few clicks in the mouse. The administration section is user friendly in making it trouble-free to add blogs and articles for a site. With the wordpress installation, it is possible to literally have a choice of a considerable quantity of wordpress themes you can easily download to be used in your website. However, if you aren’t pleased with the wordpress themes, it is easy to search all over the internet for free themes that can match your needs.

Easy and simple wordpress installation guide

1. The initial step of putting in wordpress could be done by downloading the latest version of wordpress from

2. Next step is usually to extract the .zip/.tar.gz file and upload the files to your server or wherever you wish to install it

3. If you happen to be using only one database, you could install wordpress on it provided you employ a distinctive prefix and not overwrite whatever existing database table you have

4. By using your preferred browser, you are able to go to the address where wordpress has been uploaded, e.g. if wordpress is in the wp folder, visit; in case you have copied the files on the wp folder of your local host, go to http:localhost/wp

5. After the page opens you click the Create a Configuration File button and await the new page to open and after which you’ll be able to click on “let’s go”

6. Once you arrive at the welcome page of wordpress, you have to provide some pertinent information before you proceed. Before proceeding, it is advisable to provide the following items, database name, database username, database password and finally the database host. Since you are going to be installing one wordpress on your database, you needn’t change the Table prefix

7. After entering all the required information, click Submit

8. Afterwards, click on the Run the Install button

9. Installation is finished and you can begin to login on the admin panel with your username and password

The wordpress tutorial as you might have found out is a simple and easy process to follow and you become a member of the wordpress community. If you’ve further questions with the process of using wordpress, you could simply join the wordpress forums and community where your queries will be answered. To date, wordpress is known for a community of 60 million websites all around the world and millions of bloggers are downloading wordpress for their specific requirements.

For more tutorials & resources on wordpress, you can check this great wordpress tutorial site. It contains great wordpress tutorial, wordpress theme & many wordpress resources.

How to use the video player on

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An image for

Article Writing to be Proud Of: Different Technique for Writing Articles

Post writing is a great method to involve SEO too as content marketing. However, writing one can be hard work. You don’t want to constantly hire somebody else to do all the work for you. This really is meant to be an affordable form of marketing. Here tend to be a couple techniques for creating a great post that you can be proud of creating.

Have a Book for All Your Tips as well as Program Ahead

Create a list of tips. This can be in a notebook, on your own own telephone or even on a computer. You can’t just add simple tips for titles. You have to go into detail. What will you cover in the piece? Can you include research? Is there something that you ve observed while out that works for your own niche? By keeping them in a book in detail, you can quickly glance also as simply start researching the finer points and write. It takes less time for the creation process because the outline is already there.

Sketchbooks are additionally a great method to getting down all your own tips. They are large enough for mind maps that enable you to interlink your ideas as well as expand on initial tips. They also help you draw out your idea. Possibly a situation unfolding in front of you is giving you a great idea or a scenic see is something that you d like to include as a great image. You ll be amazed at the tips and creative themes that you can gain through them.

Use a Personal Story to Engage with Your own Audience

You should offer something useful along with a individual story can really help with that. You should cover your errors or perhaps problems as well as then the solutions that you found. These tend to be probably errors and issues that your own visitors face or may face in the future however you can allow them learn from your experiences. They might have found a different way of dealing with a situation and can comment regarding that. Your story becomes more engaging too as value reading.

A couple examples of writers whom have done this include Carol Tice. On her Make a Living Composing blog, she uses her individual stories to create something to help other writers. She share the errors that she’s made and allows guest writers to do the exact same. There are hundreds, if definitely not thousands, of posts involving individual errors and views so you can learn from them rather of creating them!

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income is yet another writer who enjoys making use of individual stories in his writing. In fact, his complete blog is a personal journey and story. He includes videos from his wedding as well as stories about his children. It really helps him connect with his audience and bring them into his story.

A 3rd writer is Stephen Haws from Niche Pursuits. He is yet another author whom s blog is dependent on his personal journey in creating passive income. He shares the points that have worked, the aspects that don’t also as his income. It brings a couple accountability and helps other people along the method. It also makes his blog posts more realistic and engaging.

Decide on the Type of Post You re Writing

Is this in the third individual for a magazine or perhaps are you hunting more towards a blog post? The different types of articles have different designs too as need different approaches and you need to determine them before you start. The style often depends on where the piece is published as well as the intended audience.

Write and Then Edit

Don’t edit whilst you type. It will relax the process of writing as well as will affect your ability to make the story flow. Write the complete piece and ignore the mistakes. If you battle to see the squiggly lines, switch off the spellchecker whilst in the writing phase. When you re done, take a short break and then come back to edit and proofread.

Simply what s Going on in the World Around You?

Focusing on trends is a great method to develop on your own article writing. Take a consider news stories as well as simply how they affect people and exactly what it means for your niche. Find a unique angle on the trend to deliver it in a post for your own blog or perhaps perhaps for post directories.

For example, if you have a tech blog, you can consider the battle between Apple as well as Samsung that remains happening. What will it mean for smartphones also as tablet computers is Apple wins every single patent ruling? Just what can it signify for Samsung and will it signify consumers have little choice? Simply what does it indicate for future companies?

You can create articles that you re proud of getting too as it doesn’t have to take hours. Use the above techniques and you ll be knocking them out fast and easily.

Simon is a digital consultant who has been making websites for over eight years. He specialises in design, search engine optimisation and teaching WordPress. Get more information on WordPress training today at

In questo tutorial vi mostrerò come creare un sito WordPress completo in meno di 60 minuti.
Vi mostrerò come creare un sito WordPress partendo dall’installazione del prodotto e guidandovi attraverso tutti i passi necessari per gestire plugin, widget, creare pagine, articoli e menù, template ed impostazioni.

Introduzione 00:00
Prerequisiti 00:40
ORG vs COM 01:25
Installazione 04:29
Overview 12:57
Dashboard 14:46
Media Library 15:15
Modifica Header 18:09
Impoostazioni 23:02
Crea Pagina 27:11
Menù 28:58
Plugins 32:27
Crea Post 45:53
Widgets 48:51
Conclusioni 52:04


Find us on:
Video Rating: / 5

Take a look at WP College today

Inside the vast environment of the world wide web you will find but simply a few top engines that could really catch you attention being worthy of making use of them as a foundation for your blog or website. You can include in the collection such huge names as Joomla, Drupal and also very last but not necessarily the least Wp. It really is of utmost importance to softly plan in advance when determining that core engine you ought to choose because each of them have their ups and downs. Nonetheless, typically the most popular of the 3 is definitely WordPress. Which way you would choose, you are able to certainly root your site, webpage or web shop in the apt system of WordPress effortlessly.

What goes on after choosing to choose WordPress though? If you’re an knowledgeable individual then you need to continue with setting up the main package on your brand new internet hosting. If you’re a novice and don’t get sound advice then you definitely have now to Watch Free WordPress Tutorials. You are in luck as there are a huge selection of video clips on the net which are ready to use for first time users like you. But one should certainly choose the best. The best, in our case, may be the amazing brand new WP College program.

For anyone who is seriously interested in understanding the tips and tricks of Wp then you’ve got to visit the new webpage we know of as WP College. Presently there you’ll discover a lot of great video tutorials concerning how to better personalize your working environment as to produce the very best blog or website for yourself or perhaps your enterprise. Zak, the local blogger of the firm, is ready, willing and in a position to help you out in any difficult Wp scenario situation and give you a hand in need.

If you’re an skilled consumer – you’ll also find plenty of brand new info on various matters. No other e-learning webpage will be able to supply you with the chance to Watch Free WordPress Tutorials with no getting into your individual info. Here, you can easily get access to the complete collection of goodies by simply making a free profile for the FixRunner web site. Zak features a great way of describing points to both brand new and skilled WordPress lovers. You won’t end up wondering what exactly is this person explaining and just what does that have to accomplish with the problem at hand.

For anyone who is serious about understanding the guidelines of WordPress then you’ve got to go to the new website we know of as WP College.

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Express yourself with Word press

Word press had changed the way people can know express their writings. In fact, its popularity is such that it has become a full-sound industry in itself. In terms of loco motivity and editing possibilities Word press is arduous to beat. And it is simple software to learn even for beginners, especially those who have never ever in their life had tried an image editing software. WordPress is a blogging/CMS (content management system) platform that allows you to not only produce a blog on your website, but develops the entire website using this supple blogging platform. In order to get WordPress to look more like a still site, you will want to have the most pliability you can when it comes to setting up the blog/CMS platform.

This article gives you an overview of what widgets you should use on your blog that will give you the postulated flexibility. You Should Consider Word Press as an Inexpensive and easy-to-apply platform when trying to build membership sites. This is not meant to be a tutorial on how to build a membership website. It is meant to give you little information on platforms such as Joomla and WordPress that can easily be used to develop membership sites. Without the proper knowledge-how of Search Engine Optimization techniques, chances of making a successful website and online business seems like a perplxed undertaking. But trainings that cogitate on how web optimization is to be done can help a great shell out in accomplishing this task to ensure web and business success.

Today Scope of internet marketing for all businesses is ever booming. Every product is getting popular as brand image &perceives brands being advertised through digital marketing over internet. Google Adwords training educates you on a system that is used by Internet marketers all over the globe to help them create targeted merchandise to their websites. However, before you start Google Adwords training, here’s some hash out on what to expect during training. The decision to start incorporating PPC marketing into your online business can be a difficult choice to execute. We commence to question ourselves about whether we could actually stir a decent profit from paying for advertising space.

The more we think about it, the more questions we come up with and have the self same debate going on in or minds “is it time? Social media training is one of the trump professional development exercises you could possibly go through. Developing and compelling a social media marketing plan will require some good training if it’s going to be impressive. But it doesn’t halt there itself. The opportunities are constantly flourishing, rules are changing, and the rewards go to those who stik current. Business and research departments in the colleges and universities of Sydney are always over-flooded with applications from students all across the earth.

Our WordPress Training is aimed at getting you familiar with WordPress so you can design your own website or blog easily. This WordPress Training Sydney covers all the basic topics that you need to know to create your own website with ease and control.

Take Control of Your Website!

It wasn’t long ago that when an individual or a business purchased a website, they were at the mercy of their Web Designer or Web Master to make any kind of modifications to it. If that Designer wasn’t an employee, you were either extremely lucky to have a Designer that would respond to your requests quickly, or you had one that took weeks to make even the smallest changes to your site. Back then, if you were in the latter situation, your choices were to either find a new designer, or sit and wait until the changes were made. Today, if you are in such a predicament, there is a third option: Have your site re-designed using the WordPress platform and manage it yourself.

This is not a joke, you can actually manage your website yourself, and by that I mean, that you can change pictures, add text and even add entire pages to your own website and you won’t need to learn any new technical skills to do it. WordPress is an extremely user friendly software that enables even those without the technical knowledge to set a PVR timer to add content to their website.

Back in the day of HTML websites, updates, even seemingly tiny ones, were often tedious for designers and impossible for site owners to accomplish themselves without some technical knowhow. This knowhow usually included knowledge of HTML and CSS, not to mention familiarity with FTP software and the need for often expensive programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver to make these changes. In addition, paying a designer to make changes to a website isn’t cheap, causing some business owners to put off making important updates, or not making them at all. The result of not making these changes or updates is often lost revenue. For example, if your business wants to advertise an annual event, or sale, your website is a wonderful place to publicize it, but if your designer is too busy to get the information on to your site on time, or if you opt not to have him post it to “save” money, your website visitors will be unaware of your sale, or your product launch, or your award, or whatever other piece of information would be useful for them to know and you will likely lose money in the long run.

Today, once your WordPress website is set-up by your designer, he or she just needs to provide you with the login information for your site and you have total control of its content. If you’re not familiar with WordPress’ Dashboard (admin panel), a simple Google search of “WordPress Dashboard Tutorial” should result in several brief (and I do mean brief) tutorials that will walk you through updating your site step by step.

Your business should not be at the mercy of your designer. Switching to a website on the WordPress platform will save you money on costly updates and give you back control of your business’ online presence.

Kelly Sims is Owner and Chief Website Design Nerd at Oomph Studios. If you are looking for an affordable way to take control of your website with WordPress, check out Website-in-a-Week, the affordable way to get your website online in only a week.

WordPress has become the industry standard for building a website. There are tons of themes (both free and paid), plugins to jazz up your site, and endless customizations to explore. In this class which was taught live on June 6, 2015, Mark Collier and David A. Cox will show you the basics of how to navigate a WordPress website. Below there is a giant list of links and resources to help you on your journey.

Adding the Visual Composer plugin gives you the ability to add text, images, buttons, columns, and more by dragging and dropping. If the theme you’re using doesn’t have a similar feature, I highly recommend Visual Composer.

Bluehost: Who we recommend for Domains and Web Hosting

Three great resources for photos & graphics
Canva –
Deposit Photos –
Photo Dune –



X Theme:

Jupiter Theme:

Enfold Theme:


Simple Page Ordering:

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

Gravity Forms:

Clean Talk:

iThemes Security:



Mark’s Top 7 WordPress Plugins (VIDEO)

Your First WordPress Blog Post (VIDEO)

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The Strengths of Joomla

Joomla is a powerful content management system that is widely used by many web developers to build everything from basic and simple websites to large corporate ones. It is safe to say that Joomla is currently one of the most popular Content Management System that is being used for building a website. If you have been able to build a website in the past then you know that things can become difficult once you start adding content and navigation also becomes a pain, these are the reasons why you need a CMS like Joomla. So why should you use Joomla for you content management needs?

Joomla is an open source software. Open source refers to any software or application which is developed with the collaboration of many authors, usually the users themselves. These peer based collaboration paves the way for the release of open source software. In general, open source software is usually offered for free because of the absence of any licensing fees that are usually associated with a paid software. So basically, the functionality and success of an open source software depends largely on the effort of software community. And this is basically applicable to Joomla. One of the best strengths of Joomla is that it has a strong community following. Many highly skilled individuals are dedicating their own personal time and resources in order to improve the software for the benefit of all the users of Joomla.

As an open source software, the source code of Joomla is available for everyone to scrutinize as opposed to commercial software which are mostly closed source. Because of this, you know exactly what you are getting from Joomla and also know what to expect. Because of its open source nature, many developers are creating many different plugins and extensions that can further enhance the features and capabilities of Joomla. Currently there are over 7000 community developed extensions and plugins that are available for you to use. Some of these are free but there are also extensions that may cost you for a reasonable price nonetheless.

Aside from that, with all the tools and extensions that are available to you, making a website that does not only looks great but also functions well is easy to do with Joomla. There is an over-abundance of themes and templates that you can use, and most of them are professionally designed. Joomla is also capable of more flexible layouts when compared other CMS like WordPress. These themes and templates lets you easily modify the look of your website so that you can dedicate your time and resources elsewhere like generating content. And because Joomla gets continued support from its community, you can expect new templates and themes each month.

One known downside is that, Joomla has quite a steep learning curve which can become a challenge if you have no background in web developing. But once you take your time to learn how to use and configure Joomla, then you’ll find that there is a lot about this particular CMS that you will surely like.

Wesley Epperson enjoys writing for which offers joomla tutorial and joomla tutorial for beginners as well as a host of additional products.

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The Basic Tools For Creating Your Own Website

Setting about creating a website can seem a daunting task. What the average first time developer needs to know is what the fundamental tools are for getting started. There are two different routes you can take to make a website. You can either use a free online content management system to set up the basics for you or start from scratch. This article will show you the pros and disadvantages of both.

The first tool you’ll need is a web development program to code your webpages. Kompozer and Dreamweaver are both examples of this software. Kompozer is free to download online while Dreamweaver will set you back $ 300 – $ 400. Without a huge amount of knowledge of coding these applications will allow you to put together different pages of your site. These applications come with a lot of tools and wizards which will create the code for you. Dreamweaver has a lot of documentation to back it up. If you’re ever stuck you won’t have to look far for a Dreamweaver tutorial. However it is a steep price and Kompozer will also provide you will the relevant tools to make a website.

A second requirement when you need to make a website from scratch is image manipulation software. Photoshop and GIMP are two examples of these. Once again, one is free while the latest version of Photoshop will cost you around $ 700. Photoshop contains a whole bunch of tools for in depth image manipulation. Although GIMP is certainly the cheaper choice if you just need some basic shapes or text. It should provide you with all the tools you need for creating images for your site.

So you’ve now got the tools to code and create images for your site. However if this all looks a bit too much work then it might be worth looking into setting up your site using a prebuilt content management system. Two examples are WordPress and Joomla. They both start you off with basic templates that you can then manipulate to suit your needs.

Before deciding between Joomla and WordPress you need to consider your site’s purpose. If you’re looking to start a blog then WordPress will definitely be the option for you. Once installed, its admin section enables you to create posts quickly and easily. [It also has a [great|wide] selection of plugins you can easily install allowing your [visitors|readers] to quickly bookmark posts or track the amount of visitors to your site.~Wordpress also gives you [a whole host|wide range] of plugins for monitoring and changing various [things on|parts of] your site.} Quickly adding widgets is also useful. With the touch of a button you can add a calendar to your page or display your twitter messages.

WordPress is a great blogging tool but not everyone wants a blog. If your looking to set up a website for an organization it might be worth looking into Joomla. It can be used to convey all kinds of information, more than just posts. It comes with all kinds of features to help you install things such as communication tools and ecommerce systems into your site.

Both Joomla and WordPress are valuable tools for speedy web development They have their drawbacks though. Without in depth coding knowledge you will struggle to deviate too far from their preset templates. Starting your site from scratch means you can build it in anyway you see fit but will always be more time consuming. All these options need to be considered when deciding to make a website.

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Tools For Your Website For Free!

Internet marketing does not have to be an expensive business to get into especially with all the free tools available, such as blogs, HTML editors, competition analysis and graphic programs to name but a few.

The Free Blogging Program

The most popular blogging platform is WordPress. This is a powerful program and also a content management system, know in short as CMS.

A content management system does exactly that. It manages the content of your site. You may well ask why this is so important. The answer is that it makes it so simple for anyone to set up a website, submit content, and then have no need to worry further as the program will manage the content for you storing it up in categories, archives and the like.

Hundreds if not thousands of free plugins are available to enable you to use WordPress powerfully and easily. You will find a great selection of these at wp-plugins-dot-net.

Along with the plugins there are numerous free of charge WordPress templates available many of which can be located at the WordPress-dot-org site under the heading of Themes. Themes are available in every color and design, of two or three columns, which accept widgets, making sidebars easy to modify.

Free HTML Editors

Of all the HTML editors the two most popular free ones are NVUdev-dot-com and Notetab Lite (available at Notetab-dot-com). NVU is comparable to Dreamweaver and even though it might not be as powerful it provides enough power for most of us who just want to create basic websites.

Whether you use NVU, Dreamweaver, or Frontpage, it is highly recommended to have Notetab Lite on your computer. You can use it to edit HTML files. Not only is it quick and easy, but its free.

Graphics Programs for Free

The program that most people find ticks all the boxes is the powerful GIMP. With this program you can edit photographs along with other graphics and it supports the most popular file formats such as GIF, TIFF, PNG, PSD, and JPEG. It works with Windows XP and Vista, Mac, Linus, and Sun. You can view all its attributes at GIMP-dot-org.

Tutorials for HTML, WordPress, NVU, and GIMP

All the above mentioned programs have tutorials to help you. Some of the websites above host tutorials or you can carry out a search for “nvu tutorial,” “gimp tutorial,” or “wordpress tutorial.” A much used HTML tutorial can be found at BoogieJack-dot-com. One of the great things about the Web is all of the free tutorials available. If, however, you prefer a book format there is also a Dummies book for WordPress.

Get Going Today

Even if you are a complete novice, start by setting up a WordPress blog first of all. Its free, its easy and it won’t be long before you are creating your own website using some if not all of these powerful tools which are right here at your fingertips.

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